Hailey Benedict



“Now more than ever, we need to fight together and Level Up” - Hailey Benedict 

It can feel daunting to try to face challenges or know where to find the right resources and people to reach out to when times get tough. I know these feelings, as like many, I have been there myself. 

CASA provides a safe place to help children, youth and families throughout Northern Alberta access mental health programs, resources and support in times of need. Due to the ever rising need for mental health support, CASA is now looking to “Level Up” and double the number of children and families they support by 2024…But to do so, they need our help! 

Here’s where WE come in! I have written a song called “Level Up” as a gift in kind to every person who donates in support of CASA’s Level Up campaign and to help let children & youth know that they are seen and are not alone. I know that together, with your support, we can help be a light for children and youth in our community and LEVEL UP!!!”