Early life experiences are the foundation for sound mental health and well-being, and addressing the needs of children and youth with mental health and addiction concerns requires innovative and evidence-based treatment grounded in both research and community experience. Currently, there is a gap in the timely and appropriate translation of research into frontline clinical care. CASA has an incredible opportunity to change the face of children’s mental health and youth addictions in Alberta through the creation of the CASA Research Chair in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

The CASA Research Chair in Child and Adolescent Mental Health aims to help close the gap through community-focused, cutting-edge research that immediately benefits the children and families that CASA serves. The CASA Research Chair will do so collaboratively with CASA youth and families, CASA mental health professionals, and community partners.

This 10-year position aims to attract top international research talent to work directly on projects that align with the Government of Alberta’s renewed focus on quality mental health care of children and youth.

This exciting partnership with the University of Alberta’s Department of Psychiatry will enhance research, knowledge, and practice in the field of mental health and addictions. The CASA Research Chair will contribute to the body of knowledge surrounding children’s mental health and youth addictions in Alberta and internationally. Through partnerships with academic institutions across the province, the CASA Research Chair will be able to share research findings that are immediately relevant to our provincial context, thus enhancing children’s mental health services for children and families across Alberta.

The CASA Research Chair, two associates, and their research teams will be based out of CASA Centre and work alongside children’s mental health and youth addictions programs in the Edmonton area to lead community-relevant research. A community perspective in this endeavour is absolutely essential and will be relied on heavily to form priorities and approaches in children’s mental health and youth addictions.

Fundraising for this initiative will rely mainly on major gifts and grants, with the remainder being supported through event fundraising. Fundraising for this 10-year initiative is set for $5 million.

The global search for a candidate began in September 2018. CASA, in partnership with the University of Alberta, will be announcing the top candidate for the position in the near future. We are currently working out the logistics to make this a successful transition for the candidate. This is extremely exciting.

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