Scholarship Programs



Have you ever thought of getting a certificate in mechanics? Or maybe you have always wanted to learn photography or go to a post-secondary institution?

No matter what your dreams are, CASA’s scholarship program might be able to help!



The scholarships provide opportunities for CASA youth to pursue further education. Scholarships are to be used to offset registration fees or any other education or training expenses related to the intended program of study or to purchase equipment or supplies necessary to advance the successful applicants’ education.

Payment Process for Successful Applicant

• Proof of registration must be provided as soon as it is available.

• Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.

• No part of any scholarships granted by CASA Foundation can be applied to previous debts, accounts, or shortfalls.

• If funds have been advanced but there is a subsequent change to the intended program of study, please submit the change for approval to CASA Foundation.

• If funds have been advanced but there has been a change of mind to pursue any form of education or learning program, funds must be reimbursed in full back to CASA Foundation.



Download this fillable application form and return it by email to with the subject line CASA Scholarship. If you have any questions, contact us at 780-400-2273.

2 In one page, tell us why you think you should receive the scholarship and how this scholarship would be of benefit to you.

3 Application deadlines are March 1 and October 1. However, we will accept them anytime.

Conditions for Applicant Eligibility

1 Must be a CASA House youth or CASA Adolescent Day program youth or past graduate of these programs. Youth from other CASA programs will also be considered pending funds available.

2 Must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

3 Must be a permanent resident of Alberta.

4 Funds must be used towards an educational program. Examples of this are post-secondary schooling, certificates, diplomas, classes or learning programs.



• The selection committee will review all applications and make final decisions.

• All information collected will be treated in confidence.



The dollar amount of the scholarships will vary from year to year depending on the funds available and the number of requests submitted.


Adam Meyer Scholarship

"Some youth spend their time fighting for their health and sometimes their lives, this scholarship is to help them take that leap into adulthood, knowing that the community supports them." – Carla Howatt, Adam’s mom

Emily Taylor Scholarship

“We want to inspire our communities to not just talk about mental health - but DO something about it.” – Stephanie & Rick Taylor, Emily’s parents



If you are interested in starting your own named scholarship fund, contact the Edmonton Community Foundation at or 780-426-0015 or CASA Foundation at 780-400-4593.