Why Your Gift is Important



The problem is all too real. One in five Canadians is affected by a mental health disorder. 70% of them begin during childhood and adolescence.

On any given day, up to 200 children and families access CASA’s services. These children have diverse health conditions and many include one or a combination of: depression, anxiety, suicidal feelings, self-harm, social withdrawal, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and addictions. Our families represent the full spectrum of Alberta families: mental illness cuts across all cultures and socioeconomic circumstances. 

CASA provides mental health and addiction services designed to meet the specific needs of children and their families in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Over 4,000 children receive CASA’s services each year and the number continues to grow. It is because of our donors’ support that CASA is able to continue helping those who need it.

                                                                                       No one should have to face mental illness alone.